Friday, October 22, 2010

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Matt Hamill responds to these comments by Tito Ortiz:

Tito: People try to understand, the people I'm fighting against I'm trying to get in their heads, I'm not trying to get in the fans heads. And the fans may dislike the things I say but I'm going to speak the truth. You know Matt Hamill is an acquaintance, people say that yeah he's a friend but once he signs on that dawnet line, he's been babied his whole life coming from being deaf of course and he's going to be babied after when uh I knock him out and look for a little snuggle. It is what it is man, it's a game.

Kenny Rice: There will not be any future Christmas cards if there ever was one.

Tito: Yeah right you never know. Like Rashad said, give him a snuggie, I'm not give him a snuggie, I love cuddling, Jenna knows that of course so I may cuddle him after the fight.

Kenny Rice: He's got 6 knockouts, of his 9 victories, 6 by KO.

Tito: AWESUM! He's slow; he's like a big slow ox. I'm going to pick him apart and I know his corner can't really tell him what to do and show him the mistakes he does. And uh I'm expected a very exciting fight, use my speed and power, put him on his back and punch him in the face. It's one thing too, I've noticed he's deaf, so he has a soft head, you hit him with more and more shots. (Kenny Rice: WHAT??!?!?!?) You people don't know this. You watch how Franklin knocked him out quick. You hit them with soft shots because their equilibium, they don't have no equilibium. And you hit them with shots and you hit them with small shots, I'm not looking' for big shots. I'm looking' for small shots. Little small shots and by the second, middle of the third round you're going to see someone going to sleep and I'll snuggle him.

Bas: This is the best, awesome, gag on Tito, etc...

Tito: You know man I uh I'm just sick of being the nice guy man, I've always been the nice guy ever since I've been trying to build my relationship back up with Dana and I've built my relationship back up with Dana so it's time for me to be back, it's time for me to get my world title back. And uh there are no friends at 205, it's about me getting my world title back and Matt Hamill is the next victim on my list and the one after this one I'll be ready.

Bas: Awesome Tito let me suck you.

Tito: INJURY FREE etc etc etc....

matt hamill soft head tito ortiz ufc countdown GIF

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