Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the ever growing josh koscheck - simple jack post

I know there's a lot I could choose from, but I'm just going to start building this list from the start of TUF.

1. Josh Koscheck wants to motorboat GSP's ass:

josh koscheck you motorboatin' son of a bitch GIF

2. George why do you wear short shorts? Do you like men looking at you?

3. We're losing to a bunch of nerds! Nerds that talk like robots.

4. I hate losing to anybody, ekkspecially a French guy.

5. I'm not racist, what I'm doing is putting seats in the butts.

6. When Nam wins, please let him win God, I have some interesting things to say to Mr. Georges. "Hey Georges, we got our first win!" Very interesting indeed.

7. Lip Gloss:

josh koscheck applies chapstick GIF

8. Hey male coach from team GSP, you're a male nurse? really? you're a male nurse? a male nurse? you're a male and a nurse? a male nurse? really? a male nurse? a nurse who is also male? so you're a male nurse them?

8a. Not a Josh Koscheck thing, but it fits. Sako Chivitchian: "You're going to have to take my head off to take me down." Anybody who watched Episode 7 knows why this is simple jack worthy.

9. MMA will change you, it'll show you respect.

10. I would love to get my hands on you. *insert awkward shoulder rub*

11. Not me. I don't associate with people like that.

12. It's definitely George St. Pierre's fault I put my hands on a Paramedic and threatened to kick his ass. George hired this guy because he didn't want the pressure of talking to me. Smart move George, smart move. (not word for word)

13. (from the preview for TUF Aftermath or something) "I think George brought him in the create drama.

14. Poor Canada, you have a very bad guy repping your country and he's very easy to trick. (see fighter picks episode for why this is hilarious)

14a. The logic behind GSP being a Super-evil Scheming Genius at times and an easily trickable simpleton at others. GSP gives up secrets like "Michael Johnson has weak sub defense" and "Alex has a good triangle" and ends up getting the fight he wants... can't wait to see how Koscheck tricks him next.

15. The whole spiel about Dana feeling sorry for GSP because he's a model citizen. Will post it word for word when I watch the episode again.

16. "Stand them up, he's not even doing anything!" - during the Watson/Wilkonson fight.

17. BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fight sucked! Blah blah blah. - after Johnson/Leroy. But not after Sevak/Dane. And definitely not after Koscheck/Daley.

18. Nam you were jerking it? What hand did you use?

19. Michael Johnson tried to pull out a typical Georges St. Pierre victory by laying on top of him and being a boring fighter.

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metricjulie said...

I just found your blog. Funny stuff!

I used your Kimbo as soup picture for my latest post (credited you, obv).

Look forward to reading more. The Kos stuff is hilarious. I laughed at all the same stuff.