Monday, October 18, 2010

be careful when using tinypic

I deleted a bunch of pictures from my tinypic account, and then left them on this blog without removing the posts where the pictures were located before I removed them from my tinypic account.

I finally got around to deleting the old posts that the pictures were on before i deleted them from my Tinypic account.

When I went through the posts, I expected to find a ton of "picture no longer available" things... and while I did find a bunch of those, I also found THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

tinypic fail 1

It kinda makes sense, two kids riding a sabre-toothed tiger or something. It fits with the post headline.

Then I saw this:

tinypic fail 1

People sometimes say "oh yeah" after kissing in a tree, or they should, so I reckon this one makes sense as well.

But this?

tinypic fail 1


Long story short, Tinypic reuses deleted photo URLs.

So when you delete a picture off of Tinypic, you might want to delete it from the post in which it was previously located to avoid having pictures of penises show up on your whatever.

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