Monday, November 9, 2009

strikeforce good and bad

  • rogers vs fedor. soko vs gayhard - both were supposed to be blowouts, and both had their moments of suspense where the favorites looked human.
  • doing the pre-fight talking while the first fighters of the night made their way to the cage - shaved a ton of time from the broadcast.
  • the early pace of the event - moved quickly through the first two fights.
  • the crowd (for the most part) - didn't boo much, until the shields blanket attack.
  • no post fight interviews, until the main event - i don't care what the fighters have to say after the fight, that's what the post fight interviews are for.
  • fedor ktfo bert rogers - huge punch. very good for making GIFs.
  • bert rogers ground game - no submission attempts, but very good at stalling and controlling fedor when on his back.
  • bert rogers post-fight interview - there's no shame in losing to fedor, but after people lose to him, they usually cry, get depressed, or get knocked out by a black man with heavy hands. since rogers is a black man with heavy hands, that probably won't happen, and the other two won't happen either. rogers blamed himself for the loss and still believes he can beat fedor, while most fighters say they believe they can beat fedor, i don't think many of them believe it, rogers believes it, and that's something that makes me happy. he's not going to wilt like so many others, and in a weak HW division (all of MMA) that's a good thing.
  • the commentators - i hate them all. gayhard. sukujo. i don't know how to score it. side control = half guard. etc...
  • jimmy lennon jr - some people like him. i don't. he's terrible. worst voice i have ever heard. doesn't get me excited for the fight. adds a bunch of bullshit when announcing fighters. just sad.
  • calling antonio silva a former world champion - he held the elitexc title and tested positive for steroids after the win. give me a fucking break.
  • the main event post-fight interviews - terrible. the questions were awful. everything about it was awkward and suck.
  • silva/werdouche - other than the early flurry by silva, the fight was terrible. we were supposed to be seeing two guys who are legitimate challengers to fedor, but what we saw was one guy gas 3 minutes in and turtle his way to a loss in a fight he should've won, and another guy slap and weak takedown his way to victory. all credit to werdum for taking the early lickin' and pulling out the win, but neither of these guys belong in the cage with fedor or any top-10 mma heavyweights. i'll take a rogers/arlovski/hmc rematch over either of these guys.
  • miller/shields - this one was good and bad. the first 2 rounds showcased a ton of great exchanges on the ground. a lot of technique, a lot of positional changes, and some offense. the rest of the fight was shields laying on top of miller and miller being unable to do anything about said laying. terrible title fight that looked a lot like the sherk/franca fight.
  • the camera work - the number of times the wrong angle/shot was used to capture the action is unacceptable. many times during the night, the action was blocked for several seconds by the referee. this wouldn't matter much if it was strikeforce's first show, but it's not.
  • sokodjou/mousasi for the strikeforce lightheavyweight title - it wasn't. scott coker didn't think sokodjou was a title contender. meaning, there's no way in hell he believed sokodjou stood a chance against mousasi, so why make the fight? non-title fights are stupid. strikeforce made a non-title fight. therefore, strikeforce is stupid.
  • the commercial break before the main event - the shields/miller fight ended at 10:45ish, leaving plenty of time for the fedor/rogers bout to fit in before the 11pm cutoff. however, after the miller/shields fight ended, there was a 3 1/2 minute commercial break, then they announced the decision, then there was a 3 1/2 minute commercial break, then they showed a 60-second hype video for fedor/rogers, then there was a 5 minute commercial break, then the fighters made their way to the cage. that put the fighters entrances at around 11:05. i understand the need for commercials, but this was ridiculous.
  • running past 11pm - for all the earlier good they did speeding the show along, they still managed to run over the 11pm cutoff. tons of fans got home from work/dinner/whatever and started watching their pvr'd version of the event... and a large majority of them missed the main event.
  • screwing mark miller and deray davis - these fighters a local talent, they trained, they bought tickets for family and friends, they had sponsorship deals lined up, they weighed in, they warmed up, they got ready to fight, and then they were told that their services weren't needed. the explananation; we don't have enough time. from all reports, that's not true at all, people at the event said there was more than enough time for them to fight between the chick fight and the first fight on cbs. scott coker paid them their show money, but that doesn't begin to cover the bonus money either of them could've earned, the money they spent on tickets, and the sponsorship dollars that they were no longer guaranteed due to the fact that they didn't fight. strikefarce is an accurate description at this point.
I really enjoyed the event, but there's a TON of changes strikeforce needs to make before they can even consider being mentioned as potentially close to the level of the UFC.

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