Monday, March 9, 2009

Rampage/Rashad/Lyoto - Who is fighting for the UFC LHW Title?

Rampage/Rashad/Lyoto - Who is fighting for the UFC LHW Title?

It's been talked about for a couple weeks now; if Rampage were to beat Keith Jardine, he'd get a title shot against current UFC LHW champion, "Sugar" Rashad Evans. If he lost, Lyoto "the Dragon" Machida would get his shot at Rashad.

Well, Rampage won, so now we know. It'll be Rampage vs Rashad for the UFC LHW title in July. Or will it be?

Frank Mir got hurt, so he's off the UFC 98 card being held in May. The UFC needed a new main event and Rashad Evans and his LHW title accepted the offer. Now Rampage has a choice, he can head right back to the gym and start training for a May fight with Rashad, or he can let Lyoto take the fight in May and wait for his title shot.

Dana White has said that he won't force Rampage into the fight and that Rampage won't be punished if he turns the fight down. The ball is in Rampage's court.

I hope he takes the fight, the main reason behind me wanting to see Rampage vs Rashad is the fact that I enjoy hearing Machida nuthuggers cry themselves to sleep because he still hasn't got his title shot.

No matter what happens, we are guaranteed to see some great LHW title fights in 2009.

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