Thursday, February 19, 2009

The greatest forum post ever.

The greatest forum post ever.
He's a fighter"

I'm talking about Paul Leben. I couldn't believe it that he couldn't get around those take downs that "Chump" Whats his MOUTH! Everyone on the show that commentated at the end of the show was 100 percent right Leben has alot of going up to do. I'm 41 with a semi broken back, and I can bet you I'd take down both of them one at a time of course. They fighht like little kids in the playground espailly "BLONDE". If they were considered two of the best I don't think your show is going to last on TV.Also being "BLONDE" doesn't fight must be a mom ma's boy, it was descraceful one wrestling "blonde" AND THE OTHER STROLLING AROUND AFRAID TO GET IT ON i'M TALKING ABOUT Leben, what a bunch of BABIES!!! Good luck staying on the air if the rest fight that way, I'll watch a couple of more of them just to see if tall dark and stupid fights you know who I mean the"HOSER" Once again good luck keeping the show going!!! Sincerely Crash1

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