Wednesday, February 4, 2009



The forums on are full of delusional nuthuggers, that's to be expected, but these guys continually talk trash about everybody who isn't BJ Penn and then tell everybody that they should respect BJ Penn because he is a warrior who gets in the cage and fights.

They of course say this after calling every other fighter on the planet a douchebag loser who doesn't have the heart, skill, or courage that BJ has.

If you do give them the treatment they are giving your fighter(s), they resort to this type of response, "Oh yeah, I bet you wouldn't say that to BJ's face!" As if they would say what they are saying about GSP (or anybody else) to their faces.

Or they say, ""You wouldn't step in the cage with BJ!" No shit, most sports fans don't have the abilities that the sports stars they talk about do, that doesn't mean they should hold their tongues. Anybody on who says they would step in the cage with Andy Wang, let alone GSP, are liars.

Another one of my favorites is this one, "Just remember brah, BJ Penn has a lot more friends than you!" Really? A rich kid from Hilo who happens to be a professional fighter in the largest MMA organization on the planet has more friends than me? No way. I don't believe it. Then I realize that the people posting are making a threat. And I laugh even more, BJ Penn is going to track somebodies IP address and send his friends to their house to kick their ass because of something they wrote on the internet??? Is BJ Penn auditioning for Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Part 2?

Just a couple more, one of my favorites of all-times, "Yeah brah, why don't you fly out here and see how tough you talk when you have me in your face, brah!?!?!" Seriously, and this isn't a shot at the BJ Penn forums, just forums in general, if you're that pissed off that you want to confront them face-to-face, shouldn't you be the one offering to fly to their location?

This rant was brought on by the below picture and post. I blacked out everything as I don't want to be a dick, and I also don't want this forum member to ask me for my Myspace. But really? Asking for somebodies Myspace? I guess that's what goes on nowadays, but really? Myspace?


I hope this hasn't offended anybody, if it did, I certainly didn't mean to hurt your feelings, but come on.

P.S. it's "you're an idiot", not "your an idiot"

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