Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sam Hoger hates Lyoto Machida

Sam Hoger hates Lyoto Machida


Sam Hoger sounds off on Ep. 21 of Fightline Radio. He was asked and answered many questions, but these are the ones I enjoyed.
On his fight against Lyoto Machida,

"Why are these guys trying to judge a game of tag when they're saying they're judging a fight?"

On the Sokoudjou vs Machida fight,

"I'm going to break a story for you guys. Most people don't know that Sokoudjou came into that fight with a broken hand!"

Asked what he thinks about Lyoto Machida's reputation as maybe "The Best Light Heavyweight in the UFC".

"Oh my god are you kidding me- the most BORING light heavyweight in the UFC!

If you want to a Snooze-Fest yeah watch him.
If you want to see a game of tag, watch him!
If you want to watch a guy who's not trying to inflict any damage, who's trying to help you comb your hair to the right, yeah watch him.

That guy is boring, he's Sooooo boring that nobody cares to watch him! If that guy becomes light heavyweight champion of the world, I gurantee you that no one will buy that pay-per-view."
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